Debra-Founder & CEO

It all started with an idea, to help and support small business owners with their admin and helping them save time and money in the process.

Debra has a wide skill set and a natural flair for 'sorting out things'. She loves creating effective work spaces for her clients to excel in. Keen to make life easier for others, Debra is quick to solve workflow processes and comes up with exciting systems that are results based. Prior to establishing Quest Support Solutions, Debra spent over 15 years in different admin, human resources, operations & finance roles and that has cultivated her skills in implementing best work practices and has equipped her with  invaluable skills required to run a successful Virtual Assistant business. Debra is a holder of various certificates in Finance, Administration & Insurance.

Why Choose US ?

  • No paid holidays or vacations.
  • No employee taxes and benefits (Medicare, UIF, bonuses, insurance etc.) ​ ​
  • No additional office space, equipment, software and supplies. ​ ​
  • No hustles and costs of recruitment, hiring and training. ​ ​
  • No more paying for socializing, lunches or trips to the restroom. ​ ​
  • We offer tailor made packages to suit your needs & budget ​ ​
  • Services are flexible - we can assist you on a once-off, retainer, per hour or contract basis. ​
  • We may have skills that you don’t have or need, but do not have time to learn.

​Our Values

Quality: We honor our customers by providing timely, accurate, and complete service and support. We aim to deliver the highest standards of excellence in all we do.

Innovation: We thrive on innovation by challenging ourselves to find better solutions and continuously improving our processes.

Client-Centered: We place clients' needs at the center of our planning and delivering; maintaining confidentiality and security at all times.

Customer Retention: We value our customers and aim to build long-term relationships with them based on honesty, respect and commitment.

Integrity: We honor our commitments to others. We are ethical, honest and fair in our business affairs.

​Accountability: We show accountability in our willingness to take ownership for our roles, responsibility for our actions and outcomes, and by honoring our obligations to all stakeholders.

We are proudly affiliated and in good standing with the below organisations that are directly linked to our work and services.